TargaCell is a preclinical stem cell delivery company that can deliver 10X more stem cells to the heart and retain them there to dramatically improve the repair of damaged heart tissue resulting from a heart attack.

Universal Delivery Technology

Provides delivery of all major types of stem cells used in heart repair using our proprietary proteins.

Safe & Efficient Process

Provides a safe, efficient intravenous, stem cell delivery, without anesthesia or cardiac catheter.

Delivery & Retention

Delivers & retains these stem cells in the heart to expedite the repair of damaged tissue and restore function.

The Next Generation in Stem Cell Delivery

Our technology guides or directs adult stem cells to the heart by blocking other sites in the body where stem cells can be trapped. This is done by a simple intraveneous infusion of our product, followed by a simple infusion of the stem cells, in stark contrast to the current invasive, cathetheter-based injection, which forces stem cells into the heart wall under pressure. Removing the needle causes these cell to "wash out" of the heart into the bloodstream immediately.

TargaCell Corp.

TargaCell Corporation is a Chicago-based biotech startup firm dedicated to repairing damaged hearts, improving their function and restoring the quality of life for people with heart disease.

TargaCell Delivers!

TargaCell’s technology delivers 10 X more adult stem cells, intravenously, to the damaged heart, without heart catheterization, to enhance repair & restore heart function, more efficiently than current heart repair clinical regenerative medicine protocols.