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Current Methods

Deliver TOO FEW stem cells to the heart, that do not stay long enough to make repair efficient & restore heart function.

TargaCell's Solution

Deliver and retain 10x more stem cells using proprietary proteins to enhance repair of heart damage.

Universal Delivery Technology

Provides delivery of all major types of stem cells used in heart repair using our proprietary proteins.

Safe & Efficient Process

Provides a safe, efficient intravenous, stem cell delivery, without anesthesia or cardiac catheter.

Delivery & Retention

Delivers & retains these stem cells in the heart to expedite the repair of damaged tissue and restore function.

TargaCell's valued-added Technology

The introduction of TargaCell's valued-added technology into the regenerative medicine space could enable stem cell therapies to reach their predicted and expected full potential as a useful clinical treatment to repair damaged tissue and restore normal physiological heart function and quality of life.

Technology Development Plan