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A non-invasive stem cell delivery system using proprietary proteins to repair damaged hearts

Our technology guides or directs adult stem cells to the heart by blocking other sites in the body where stem cells can be trapped. The process is a simple intravenous infusion of our product, followed by a simple injection of the stem cells, in stark contrast to the current invasive, catheter-based injection, which forces stem cells into the heart wall under pressure. Removing the needle causes these cells to "wash out" of the heart into the bloodstream immediately.

Universal Delivery Technology

TargaCell can provide delivery of all major types of stem cells used in heart repair using our proprietary proteins.

Safe & Efficient

We will provide a safe, efficient intravenous, stem cell delivery, without anesthesia or cardiac catheter.

Delivery & Retention

We deliver and retain these stem cells in the heart to expedite the repair of damaged tissue and restore function.

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TargaCell is a stem cell delivery company that can deliver 10X more stem cells to the heart and retain them there to dramatically
improve the repair of damaged heart tissue resulting from a heart attack.


TargaCell's proprietary, stem-cell-directing proteins are rapidly cleared from the body making it possible to treat heart patients more often, perhaps once or twice per week, to accelerate heart repair, or provide a "tune-up" after a few weeks or months, if needed.

PROBLEM - Current Method

  • Invasive
  • Risky
  • Catheterization under anesthesia
  • Low numbers of stem cells delivered & retained
  • Inefficient repair
  • Traps cells in potentially risky places
  • Expensive - $100K
  • Cannot be repeated often to enhance repair


  • Non-invasive - intravenous
  • Much lower risk - easy administration
  • No catheter
  • Good delivery & retention of stem cells
  • Maximizes repair
  • Selective organ delivery, not to risky places
  • Less cost - $20-40K
  • Can be repeated often to enhance repair

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Phil Anevski, PhD
Phil Anevski, PhD
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Susan Ball-Kell, DVM, PhD
DVM, PhDs in Pathology and Environmental Toxicology, Michigan State University & founder Global Path Imaging & Consulting, LTD
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Scott Burger, MD
Key Opinion Leader in cellular therapy manufacturing & global regulatory affairs; FDA consultant; Principal, Advanced Cell & Gene Therapy
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Leslie Miller, MD
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Dennis Nelson, PhD
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Mark Pittenger, PhD
20+ years as stem cell biology scientist, MSCs & regenerative Medicine, internationally known speaker Consultant, Human Longevity; Former VP for Research, Osiris Therapeutics - identified key conditions for MSC adipogenic, chondrogenic & osteogenic differentiation and intracellular signaling pathways 1999 Science paper cited 16,000 times, established that MSCs were multipotent. Inventor on 15 US patents for MSCs & role in cardiac repair.
Gary Schaer, MD
Gary Schaer, MD
Professor, Medicine; Director, Cardiac Research & Strategic Development, Rush University Medical Center Key Opinion Leader on interventional cardiology & cardiac stem cell therapies 200+ original articles, book chapters, editorials and abstracts